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Termite: Advance Termite bait stations: still have termites

It could take more than 3 months to eradicate a termite colony.  It all depends on how large the colony is.

The information in the installation guide gives the following advice:

 If termites are detected in the TMB and/or in the TIC, the TIC is replaced with an Advance Termite Bait Cartridge (TBC). The TBC comes individually wrapped in plastic to prevent contamination of the cartridge prior to use.

This plastic wrapper must be removed before the cartridge is used. Technicians should be careful not to

mistake TICs for TBCs. TBCs are bar coded and have different labels. Each bait cartridge contains 93 grams of Puri-Cell bait matrix plus 0.25% of the active ingredient diflubenzuron, which provides enough bait material to last more than 90 days, on average. If termite activity appears to be high, stations may be inspected more often and the bait replaced as needed.

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