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Termite: Advance termite bait stations

On the page with the stations is a  Installation and Service Guide: which explains where to stall them and how.  It also explains how to monitor the stations for activity.

 The stations should be kept dry (obviously it will rain but if installed properly, the water will drain through the station).   You should not wet the stations on purpose, they will naturally soak up moisture from the ground once installed.

 The stations do not attract termites.  So if you already have termites and install the stations, they will not turn around and feed off the station.  The stations are intended to intercept termites coming towards your home.  If you have termites already in your home, you must treat them directly with a liquid application which you can read about here:

 The installation guide will explain everything to you.  We do not have any local agents to visit your home.

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