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Mites: I have mites!

 We are not an expert in mites but can give you some information that we have.  Normally, scabies are found on people only and will go away with a good product from the dermatologist. 

 Below are the products we carry which are labeled for mites:

 Sterifab (labeled for mites) can be sprayed anywhere.  It is a safe insecticide as once it dries, it is gone.  It is an alcohol based contact spray.

 Insecticides like Talstar P (Talstar One) with Bifenthrin (which are also labeled for mites) are for crack and crevice use ONLY!

  We can not guarantee any of the products since you we aren’t sure what you have and if there is an area where they are originating (such as a birds nest) that area would need to be thoroughly cleaned of all nesting material to get rid of the problem.

 mite article:

 The following blog has some useful things to try, especially the part about Listerine:

 Bird mites are very difficult to eradicate and unfortunately there is no surefire solution because they can breed in areas that are almost impossible to find or reach.  We would suggest starting by reading our How To Get Rid of Bird Mites article:

 This is a another great article on bird mites and removal.

Make sure to wear protective clothing and put everything in a plastic bag.  After cleaning the areas thoroughly (may need to vacuum), spray Talstar in the area.  

 All products are safe for pets when used as directed.  Just make sure your cat is out of the room until the products dry which does not take very long.  Talstar is sprayed in cracks and crevices and does not have an odor.  Sterifab has an alcohol smell but will dissipate.  Best to open windows when spraying.

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