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Flea control outdoors

If you are looking to treat inside and outside for fleas and ticks, you should definitely get our indoor/outdoor flea kit.  It comes with an excellent insecticide product, which is great for both outdoors and indoors.  It is also very safe around pets and has a long residual.  Also in the kit is an IGR product.  It is photostable up to 14 days which is about as long as you will find for an IGR that will be outside.  Of course you should mix both together in the same tank and apply at the same time both outside and inside. 

Here is a link to the indoor/outdoor flea kit:

 Petcor flea spray is an excellent product to use on your pets.  It kills adult fleas and ticks plus has an IGR which is an insect growth regulator which prevents fleas from reproducing and becoming biting adults.

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