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Bed Bug control

Best option for bed bugs is our bed bug kit, which comes with the best products out right now that should be used by a professional company that knows what they are doing.  All of our kits come with full instructions on how and where to apply each product in the kit.  The kits have a high success rate when used as directed.  We also have lots of treatment information on our website. 

 Here is a link to the bed bug kits.  They are priced and sized based on how many rooms you are treating:

 All kits come with our Bed Bug Guide (pdf) with step by step instructions.  Follow the directions concentrating in all cracks and crevices.

 ClimbUp Insect Interceptor - Box (12 traps) is another great product to use as a way to monitor the situation.  If you have a bed frame where you are able to use these underneath the feet of the frame, this is how it works.  The interceptors have a well where bugs that crawl in from other areas of the room are trapped and do not make it up to the bed.  So if there are bugs in the interceptor, you have areas in your room that need to be treated.  If you are still getting bites but do not see any bugs in the interceptor, then they are somewhere within the frame of your bed (this is providing you have the sealed covers which would eliminate them being in the mattress or box spring).  This will help you to know where to concentrate the treatment so product isn’t wasted treating all areas every time.

 Mattress and boxspring covers must be used (with SEALED zippers).  In fact, most professionals will not even treat unless the covers are put on the mattress and boxspring before they treat.  Since most bud bugs could be hiding in these areas, the covers will help because it is almost impossible to treat inside the boxspring and around all areas of the mattress.  With covers, these two main areas are eliminated for treating and possible areas of infestations.

 Protecta bed Mattress encasements:

 Protecta bed Box-Spring encasements:

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