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Ants: Carpenter Ant

The products we recommend for Carpenter Ants are found on our Carpenter Ant link:

 The kits are our top sellers.  We have kit #1 which contains a protein and carbohydrate bait, and kit #2 comes with Dominion 2L added. For serious carpenter ant problems, nothing does the job better adding a product such as Dominion 2L to your arsenal. Dominion is a sprayable liquid bait that makes up to 48 gallons of solution (enough to provide several years of outdoor protection) and can be sprayed around the outside of your home to provide a long-lasting barrier against carpenter ants and other ant species. Ants pick up the Dominion 2L on their bodies and spread it to other ants, eventually eliminating the entire colony. This kit also includes Advance carpenter ant bait for outdoor control/indoor control and Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel for indoor control. The Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is great for sprinkling in a 2 foot barrier around the outside of your home to provide a food source that outside ants are looking for.  It can also be applied around wood piles, trees, stumps, or other areas of harborage.  Advance Carpenter ant bait can also be used indoors in bait plate stations.  The Maxforce Carpenter ant bait is for indoor control only and should be placed where you see ant activity inside.  The ants will eat the bait and take it back to the nest spreading it around to the other colony members. You will need a pressurized sprayer to apply the Dominion 2L if you purchase kit #2.


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