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Why does my product have an expiration date that has passed?

The date you are seeing is the manufacturer lot number and production date. It corresponds to the dates the containers were filled and boxed. Professional pest control products like the ones we sell on our website do not carry expiration dates that consumers are used to seeing, only manufacture date information. This is for use so that should a product fail, a pest control operator can notify the manufacturer of the product's lot and date stamp so that the manufacturer can then identify a potential issue with that specific run of the product.

The majority of the insecticide products we sell have a shelf life of approximately 2-5 years, depending on how the product is stored. Bait products that are food-based (such as roach, ant and rodent baits) have a shorter shelf-life, usually around 1 year. 

We only sell new, unused products to our customers. We sell out of inventory extremely fast, replenishing our stock with new product almost weekly.  That allows us to provide our customers with the freshest products available.

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